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Optimal Health and Wellbeing offers tailored Wellbeing solutions for individuals and businesses.

Optimal Health and Wellbeing

We specialise in delivering bespoke Health and Wellbeing services which are tailored to individuals and businesses. We offer a variety of comprehensive Health Screening Services, Critical and Safety Medicals and Specialist Yoga Therapeutics. We also host talks and presentations on a variety of Health and Wellbeing topics.

Thanks to the latest Point of Care Testing Technology, we are able to provide your results during your Health Assessment or Onsite Mini Health Check. This industry-leading technology allows all advice to be tailored not only to your lifestyle but also to your physiological markers of Health and Wellbeing.

Meet, Lisa

Lisa is a qualified Occupational Health Technician and a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist. Lisa's training spans over 23 years and has studied under some of the worlds leading teachers from all over the world. This in-depth knowledge and experience has given Lisa the tools which allow her to create and implement bespoke, measurable and effective Health and Wellbeing solutions for you and your organisation.

Blending both Western and Eastern medicine Lisa can screen for physiological markers and make the right recommendations specific to the individual. Where necessary Lisa has created a network of health care professionals with whom she can refer to. Using point of care technology Lisa is able to provide instant results to her clients together with lifestyle advice where needed.

Lisa has worked with a wide range of businesses and has helped them to create the optimal wellbeing programme for them and their staff.

And it's not just businesses we work with, Lisa has looked after a number of individual clients over the years, supporting them using Therapeutic Yoga. From injury recovery, stress management and postural analysis Lisa has experience with a wide range of dysfunctions. Lisa's knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her training with Yoga Medicine has given her the tools to assess and create effective tool kits that have had proven results.

As an Occupational Health Technician Lisa works alongside Network Medical in the UK who act as her Occupational Health Advisor and Physician, This provides an all-rounded Occupational Health service.

To find out more about how Lisa can help you or your business please get in touch.

We look forward to working with you.

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Our services

Our services are tailored to your needs whether you are an individual interested in your own health and wellbeing or an organisation looking to implement a comprehensive and measurable strategy for your business.

Essential welbeing

Essential Wellbeing Assessment

The Essential Wellbeing Assessment provides an overview of your current and future health risks based upon your lifestyle and 30 physiological results.

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Complete welbeing

Complete Wellbeing Assessment

The Complete Wellbeing Assessment provides an in-depth focus on your current and future health risks based upon your lifestyle and 55 physiological results.

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Health checks

Onsite Health Checks

Perfect for Company Health and Wellbeing Days, the Onsite Mini Health Checks can be tailored to your Company's requirements.

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Bespoke yoga

Bespoke Yoga Therapeutics

As a senior Yoga teacher and a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, I have extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology which allows me to work alongside health professionals supporting their patients with the therapeutic application of Yoga.

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Surveillance icon

Health Surveillance

In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law (1989) it is recommended that businesses offer health surveillance in order to detect early signs of a variety of conditions which may inhibit individuals from performing their role.

Talks icon

Talks and Presentations

We love to share our knowledge in health and wellbeing and offer talks in many different specliased areas including, Mental Health and Stress, Posture and Back Care, Fertility and Women’s health, Heart health and much more.

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